Work with detaylari in the advanced editor, limitations in the web

You should pay attention (especially associated with the conversion functions restrictions in linq-expression):

  • When you set the constraint of universality on detaily (in lcs is ExistExact) in the view of detail should be included a reference to the aggregator.
  • When setting limits on detaily using the advanced editor restrictions to the view of the aggregator may want to include a link to detali.

Work with pseudocatalase in the advanced editor, limitations in the web

For pseudocatalase in the expanded constraint editor](fa_advanced-limit-editor.html) you must do the following:

Dynamic view of datalow

For the work of datalow in the expanded constraint editor in the web](fa_advanced-limit-editor.html) in the application of restrictions on WOLV, you may need:

  • Ask detaily to view if they are not already there.
  • Ask property AutoAddUsedInLimitationProperties that the view formed dynamically.
  • To determine the mechanism of formation of dynamic representations for detailov through the interface ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.IViewGenerator (located in the Assembly ExternalLangDef). For example, in the version after 14.01.2015 in config add the following line:
<unity xmlns="">
	<register type="ICSSoft.STORMNET.Windows.Forms.IViewGenerator, ExternalLangDef" mapTo="NewPlatform.Flexberry.Web.Page.LimitEditorViewGenerator, NewPlatform.Flexberry.Web.LimitEditor" />