Description of operations

In order to be able to specify permissible operations and, consequently, to change the appearance AjaxGroupEdit, you should contact the property Operations.

Transaction Description  
PlusInRow whether to Show the row with the Plus button, which cancels the edit, keeping in the fields, entered values  
Edit Edit  
Add Add  
Delete   Delete
EditInRow Show on the edit button of detail in the string. Editing is possible in multi-modes: in this, a modal and a new window  
AddNewRowOnTop Show the newly added record at the top of the list (for AjaxGroupEdit)  

For example, if you want to hide the edit button, the code might look as follows:

ctrlMyWebGroupEdit.Operations.Delete = false;


protected override void PostApplyToControls()
	ctrlПодзадача.DetailEditForm = ПодзадачаE.FormPath;
	ctrlПодзадача.Operations.EditInRow = true;