General information about Flexberry Desinger, its installation and configuration

Flexberry Designer

Flexberry Designer is a CASE tool, which can be used for both business modeling (analysis of business-processes, reengineering of business processes) and object-oriented design of software and databases. As the notation used by UML.

Flexberry Designer is product of flexberry platform.


Repository of UML models

The model repository allows you to conveniently store the chart in a structured way. To work with repository is used browser repositories Flexberry Designer.

Repository has a structure, not limiting the user to any methodology.

For the chart as a repository object implemented additional opportunities for manipulation.

Editor UML diagrams

Implemented wide possibilities of modeling (creation of models in the notation of UML) appropriate diagrammatic methods in the framework editor UML diagrams.

Expansion modules Flexberry Designer

You can also add functionality by connecting additional modules. Modules provide expansion capabilities for the user interface, data structure, possibilities of generating source code from models.

Design in Flexberry Designer

Design using tools Flexberry Designer implies the principle of Model-First, when all changes to the model are made in Flexberry Designer, and code changes are performed during the generation. Also implemented a mechanism that allows programmers to write code that when regeneration is not lost, so-called, «brackets programmer». The Toolkit design allows you to easily amend the model to any member of the development team without fear to break something.

The key concepts of object structure for systems developed in Flexberry Designer presented in this article.

Install and configure Flexberry Designer

There are several installation options Flexberry Designer on different RDBMS:

To work Flexberry Designer must be installed the correct license for all products used.

Additionally Flexberry Designer provides the following useful features: