Basic information about the diagram of collaboration and its elements

Collaboration diagram - one of the available kinds of graphs supported Flexberry Designer.

Cooperation (collaboration) is a static design to simulate a set of entities interacting with each other. Cooperation defines a set of cooperating roles used together to show some functionality.

In the diagram, cooperation, you can display the following elements of UML notation that are available in the Toolbox:

Element/Notation Purpose
Participant (Actor)
class Instance (instance)
Multiobject (Multiobject)
the Active object (Active object)
N-ary Association (N-ary association)
Pattern (Design pattern)
Connector pattern (Design pattern connector)
Connector n-ary Association (N-ary association connector)
Association (Association)
Association Qualified (Qualified link)
Aggregation (Aggregation)
Qualified aggregation (Qualified link aggregation)
Composition (Composition)
Qualified composition (composition Qualified link)
Reverse/direct attached message (Backward/forward nested message)
Reverse/direct message (Backward/forward message)
Reverse/direct asynchronous message (Backward/forward async message)
curvature relationships (Point)
Comment (Note)
Connector (Note the connector)
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