Basic information about the diagram of collaboration and its elements

Collaboration diagram - one of the available kinds of graphs supported Flexberry Designer.


Cooperation (collaboration) is a static design to simulate a set of entities interacting with each other. Cooperation defines a set of cooperating roles used together to show some functionality.

In the diagram, cooperation, you can display the following elements of UML notation that are available in the Toolbox:

Element/Notation Purpose
Example Participant (Actor)
Example class Instance (instance)
Example Multiobject (Multiobject)
Example the Active object (Active object)
Example N-ary Association (N-ary association)
Example Pattern (Design pattern)
Example Connector pattern (Design pattern connector)
Example Connector n-ary Association (N-ary association connector)
Example Association (Association)
Example Association Qualified (Qualified link)
Example Aggregation (Aggregation)
Example Qualified aggregation (Qualified link aggregation)
Example Composition (Composition)
Example Qualified composition (composition Qualified link)
Example (Inheritance)
ExampleExample Reverse/direct attached message (Backward/forward nested message)
PrimerPrimer Reverse/direct message (Backward/forward message)
PrimerPrimer Reverse/direct asynchronous message (Backward/forward async message)
Example Point of bending of the links (Point)
Example Comment (Note)
Example Connector review (Note the connector)