the location of the plug-in generation parameters, the result of generation

The plugin documentation generation is in paragraph Утилиты for each plugin products plataforma Flexberry. For example, ORM -> Utilities -> Generate documentation диаграммам.

This will open a window with a list of parameters that can be included in the final document.

Document settings

Options for generating documentation

__ Description
Stolbtsy - list of attributes class  
Название attribute Name class
Тип the attribute Type for application forms
Тип in БД the attribute Type for the database
Хранилище class Name in the database
Обязательность Mandatory or not attribute to save the class
Хранимость or no Stored attribute (stored/ not stored)
Описание Comment to the attribute
Skrytye attributes - the attributes existing in the database table but not displayed on the chart and forme  
Первичный ключ table Primary key
ДатаСоздания date and time the record was created
ДатаИзменения date and time of the last change
Vid - appearance document  
Заголовки before each классом whether to Display headers before each class
В terms данных databases to Use the terminology of databases, or programming

the Result of generating documentation

Click Старт creates two documents:

  • MS Excel - list of classes and set parameters
  • .TXT - list of classes and properties with long title names

The plugin allows to open files to view a question in a popup window. To view the press Да.