Basic information about the diagram, use cases, and its elements

Diagram of use cases - one of the available kinds of graphs supported Flexberry Designer.


The main elements of the chart - participant (actor) and precedent (option).

Party is a set of logically related roles with interaction with precedent or entity (system, subsystem, or class). A participant may be human or another system, subsystem, or class that represent something outside of nature. Graphically, the party represented “the man”.

Precedent (use case) - a description of a set of successive events (including alternatives) performed by the system, which lead to the observed participant results. Precedent represents the behavior of an entity, describing the interaction between the participants and the system. Precedent does not indicate “how” achieved some results, but only “what” it is done. Precedents are identified in a very simple way - in the form of an ellipse, inside which stated his name.

The basic elements of entity relationship diagram

On the chart use you can display the following elements of UML notation that are available in the Toolbox:

Element/Notation Purpose
Example Participant (Actor)
Example Option (Use case)
Example Border (Boundary
Example non-Directional Association (Undirected communication association)
Example Directed Association (Directed communication association)
Example Generalization (Generalization)
Example Addiction (Dependency)
Example Point of bending of the links (Point)
Example Comment (Note)
Example Connector review (Note the connector)