School developers Flexberry.

About the school

School developers platform Flexberry is an online school that allows you to obtain the knowledge and skills required to develop information systems and applications using technology Flexberry Ember.

The school provides practical knowledge in:

  • The principles of functioning of modern web applications
  • Creating web apps in the architecture of Single Page Application using frameworks Ember.js and ASP.NET Web API
  • Use command-application development
  • Automate the creation of SPA apps using the platform Flexberry

For anyone

The school is designed for developers who have experience developing web applications on various technologies and be familiar with the key technologies of developing web applications.

If You have no experience in web design, recommend to start core technology that are used in web development and in developing on the platform Flexberry.

Major requirements for students

The basic knowledge, experience with:

  1. Markup languages: HTML, XML
  2. Style sheets: CSS
  3. Preprocessors stylesheets: LESS
  4. JavaScript library jQuery, DOM, JSON
  5. DBMS (preferably MS SQL Server, Postgres), SQL

Desirable requirements for students

The basic knowledge, experience with:

  1. CSS frameworks: Bootstrap, SemanticUI
  2. Language C#
  3. UML

The structure of the training materials

The school consists of 10 educational modules, each of which are represented:

  • A description of the training module
  • Basic training materials in most cases is a set of videos or sorinkatu for independent viewing
  • Additional training materials are links to resources that will help either a deeper understanding of the investigated topic, or to obtain basic knowledge on the subject, if the developer has no experience with the technology or language.
  • Tasks to perform
  • Check-list check for jobs

As the main and additional educational materials schools used as its own work team platform Flexberry and materials of other companies and authors that are available in the public domain - reports from conferences, educational screencasts, lessons, recording lectures, etc.

The format of the school

Learning in school can be played remotely on the presented learning materials in the “self-study”.

However, periodically “kits to school” - when passing schools in this format, you create a private group in which students receive advice and feedback on completed assignments from the developers of the platform Flexberry. The purpose of these “kits” usually associated with the selection of applicants for future employment in the company. The earliest date set is in school you can learn by writing to us at e-mail.

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