course on the basic technologies used in the platform Flexberry.


This course consists of high-quality collections on the underlying technologies that are used in the platform Flexberry. For a successful learning platform Flexberry are recommended to get acquainted with this course.

For novice developers

If You are a novice developer and You need a fundamental knowledge of programming, take a look at Harvard course CS50 in Russian.

If You need to obtain basic knowledge of web programming, we recommend you watch the instructional module “School of developers” on the subject “Introduction to web development”.

The course program

Course format

Each topic contains:

  • Links to materials for the study:
  • Lectures, courses, presentations, videos
  • Recommended books
  • Software
  • Laboratory work and practical tasks
  • Examples
  • Opportunities for certification
  • Test questions
  • What knowledge and skills should be mastered this material

Resources materials, courses, lectures

Below are a list of resources where you can find courses in various fields. Some resources include courses on Russian language, but most English - speaking. Courses the following educational platforms can be both free and paid subscription.

You can