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ASP.NET (Active Server Pages for .NET) — the technology of creation of web applications and web services from Microsoft. It is an integral part of the Microsoft .NET and development of the older technology Microsoft ASP. At the moment the latest version of this technology is ASP.NET 5.

ASP.NET externally retains much similarity with older ASP technology that allows developers to relatively easily go to ASP.NET. At the same time the internal structure ASP.NET significantly different from ASP, as it is based on the platform .NET and therefore uses all the new features provided by this platform.

Technology ASP.NET WebForms! and it was made a bet by Microsoft. This technology allows you to bring the process of web application development to the development process of desktop applications. A developer has a set of controls, which includes standard elements such as text field, button, drop-down list, and specific controls, such as controls, validation, calendar, etc. Each item can be placed in a declarative form. Controls are set using the properties available to the developer for changes. To write the code logic uses event-driven model, close to developers of desktop applications.

Technology ASP.NET WebForms can be seen as a certain superstructure over the classical principle of web-programming «request-reply». This technology is an example of the concept of RAD (rapid application development — rapid application development), enabling developers to quickly and comfortably create a working app.

Platform ASP.NET MVC is a framework for creating websites and web applications by implementing MVC design pattern. The concept of a pattern (template) MVC (model - view - controller) involves splitting the application into three components:

  • Controller (controller) represents the class that provides the connection between the user and system performance and data storage. It receives user input and processes them. And depending on the results of processing sends the user to a particular conclusion, for example, in the form of a presentation.
  • Presentation (view) - this is actually the visual part or user interface of the application. Typically, the html page the user sees once logged in.
  • Model (model) represents a class that describes the logic of the data used.

Web API is a different way of building applications ASP.NET somewhat different from ASP.NET MVC. Web API is a web service that can interact with a variety of applications. The application may be a web application ASP.NET or can be a mobile or regular desktop application.

Web API is not part of the framework ASP.NET MVC can be used in conjunction with the MVC, and in connecting with Web Forms. So in Web API has its own system of versions. So, the first version appeared with the .net 4.5. And with .NET 4.5.1 and MVC 5 released Web API 2.0.

Platform ASP.NET Core is the technology from Microsoft, designed to create various kinds of web applications from small websites to large web portals and web services.

Platform ASP.NET Core built based on the cross-platform environment .NET Core that can be deployed on most popular operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. And while Windows as an environment for developing and deploying applications still prevails, but now we are not restricted to this operating system. That is, we can run the web application not only on Windows but also on Linux and Mac OS. And for the deployment of the web application you can use the traditional IIS, or cross-platform web server Kestrel.

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