Functional subsystem Flexberry platform for integration of information systems.

About subsystem

Flexberry Service Bus is an Open Source solution for the integration of information systems based on the paradigm of Enterprise Service Bus](gbt_integration.html). This solution allows you to create complex information systems operating in a single information space. As example the SOA-architecture information system, which at its base uses the service bus. Basic terms and definitions concerning Flexberry Service Bus made in thesaurus.

Install and run

Flexberry Service Bus available for deployment as Docker images. The process of installing and running described in the relevant instructions.


Flexberry Service Bus includes the following components:

  • Service bus carries out reception and transmission of messages, classifies the facts of data transfer between clients
  • An administrative application bus - allows you to configure the bus and to control data streams
  • Database bus - contains messages waiting to be доставки; settings шины; statistical information about the facts of data transfer between clients
  • The adapters - client-side part of components of the tire, which is specific to each connected to the bus applications

Detailed description of the architecture is provided in a separate article.


Flexberry Service Bus provides the following features:

  • Guaranteed delivery of messages
  • Connection via a WCF interface
  • Connection via a REST interface
  • The client callback (callback) for immediate delivery to the recipient
  • Logging and statistics collection of the transmitted messages

Learn more about the capabilities of the tire.

applications Connecting to the bus

Connection applications that need to integrate through a service bus is done by writing modules of the call bus adapters. Before you start developing adapters are recommended to read the relevant regulations.

Developing and making code changes

Flexberry Service Bus developed on GitHub in public repositories as the team of platform Flexberry, and the community. Anyone can take part in the finalization of the tire.