description of the database of the enterprise service bus.


The database is used to store the following information:

  • Messages sent to customers (saved to ensure guaranteed delivery)
  • Settings required for operation of bus (information about customers, subscriptions, etc.)
  • Statistics of data transmission

data Structure

Scripts to create the database dastony in repository service bus.

the Docker image

For convenient use of the database Flexberry Service Bus is automatically built Docker image flexberry-service-bus-postgres-db.

Supported storage

Service bus and an administrative application used to access the data Flexberry ORM, respectively, for the operation is available to all, supported by Flexberry ORM DBMS types:

  • Postgre SQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • etc.

The scripts to create the database structure for a specific repository can be generated from Flexberry Designer UML models (file Flexberry Service Bus.crp).

Configure it for use is performed according to instructions to Flexberry ORM.