Information about the guidelines Flexberry, theoretical and practical information on the design platform system

Platform Flexberry use a variety of clients, ranging from private business to government agencies. These instructions are written to ensure that all projects meet the highest quality standards.

Concepts described here apply to all projects created on the platform Flexberry. These rules need to be used in the design and development of new systems.


To develop a universal design system that will be used on all projects and to disseminate these guidelines for use in all aspects of the brand.


Prototype ≠ ready system

The prototype shows the logic of the visual behavior of the new element, and gives recommendations for its implementation. It is impossible to consider every nuance of the system, but you can get prototypicality difficult part. Cheaper and easier 3 times to redo a prototype than lots of times to change the finished system.

Strict style

When creating products for business emotional function is not as important as meaning. First and foremost, the system must be understandable and accessible. The main objective of the style is the coding functions of elements, the construction of visual hierarchies.

A set of components for all possible applications

All the standard components the system components must be described: theoretical description, practical application and best practices implementation.