the design Rules of leaving the side Windows. Their combination and order of appearance.

Form of silpada is aligned on the right side. The background overlay is clickable, click sigpac closed. A mandatory element of silpada – cross closure (can not show if the form cannot be closed).

For silpada better to use a fixed width. For example, sigpac size S can be wide 480px, M = 720px, L = 960px, etc. If necessary, you can enable the ability to change the width. To choose the width you need depending on the content of silpada. The height depends on content, can be very long and scroll.


Sidpec - Desktop

Desktop scrolling

Sidpec - Desktop - Scrolling


Sidpec Tablet


Sidpec - Smartphone

The combination of sidpara

Sidepage are not nested in one another. If you avoid a few of sidpara impossible, they rather overlap each other (with an overlay). The scroll (if any) works only at the top of silpada, the rest it is locked.

Combination of sidpara