the Rules of font use Gost UI designs, sizes, application in specific areas.

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Gost UI

Primary font for use in systems.

Gost UI

Folder c font

General rules of use

The mark


The font style is determined by its function. In the design system we use for accent Bold section headers. It is necessary to draw attention to the title.


If you have a content header, for example, the title of the document, it is better to use a font Medium, which is used for interactive elements.


Regular used for typesetting text.


The font size is selected from the available design system. Each style has its own name, explaining its use, for example:

Desktop / Paragraph / S 14pt – a small stacked text. The name is preserved in the transition from desktop version to mobile.

This allows you to set common rules for adaptation and the same text on the mobile version will be slightly less – Mobile / Paragraph / S 12pt.



  • H148pt, bold, leading 56dp;
  • H232pt, bold, leading 40dp;
  • H324pt, bold, leading 32dp;
  • H418pt, bold, leading 26dp.
Interactive elements
  • XL32pt, medium, leading 40dp;
  • L24pt, medium, leading 32dp;
  • M18pt, medium, leading 26dp;
  • S16pt, medium, leading 24dp;
  • XS14pt, medium, leading 20dp.
Typesetting text
  • L24pt, regular, leading 32dp;
  • M18pt, regular, leading 26dp;
  • S16pt, regular, leading 24dp;
  • XS14pt, regular, leading 20dp.

Mobile version

  • H124pt, bold, leading 28dp;
  • H220pt, bold, leading 26dp;
  • H318pt, bold, leading 24dp;
  • H416pt, bold, leading 22dp.
Interactive elements
  • XL20pt, medium, leading 26dp;
  • L18pt, medium, leading 24dp;
  • M16pt, medium, leading 22dp;
  • S14pt, medium, leading 20dp;
  • XS12pt, medium, leading 16dp.
Typesetting text
  • L18pt, regular, leading 24dp;
  • M16pt, regular, leading 22dp;
  • S14pt, regular, leading 20dp;
  • XS12pt, regular, leading 16dp.

The length of the string

For the reader’s eye long or short strings tedious. Long to ruin the rhythm because the reader is difficult to find the next line of text. The only situation in which the acceptable short line – a small amount of text. For better readability the length of the string must be between 40 and 80 characters, including spaces.

String length

The padding from the header

There is a simple rule to determine the optimum offset from the header to stacked text. The distance between baselines of the stacked text and the header is equal to the line spacing of the header.

String length

The contrast with the background

The availability of color combinations can be checked using WAVE Evaluation Tool

Background: #FFFFFF Font color: #3B4256

Contrast with the background - Ink

Background: #F4F7FB Font color: #3B4256

Contrast with the background - Ink #2

Background: #000000 Font color: #F4F7FB

Contrast with the background - Your grace

Background: #0C49CD Font color: #F4F7FB

Contrast with the background - Your grace