Here are all the types of fields for data entry.

The base field

Basically, the input forms are divided into several types.

Field M (medium) will be mainly used for the secondary input fields on desktops. Fields L used for mobile devices or as a two-line field.


Single-line fields


Two-line field


Text field

Field condition

All fields have their fortunes, which change depending on the status of the field, hover, active, etc.

General condition

State field

A special state validation

When the field validation icon of the cross or the check mark may appear only on single line input with no icons.

Validation of field

Icon field

Field icon

Input fields date and time

The date



Clicking on the field icon date opens calendar.

The date field

The section entering time is as follows.

Enter the time

File selection

In the select file field supported drag&drop. When you click on a field or input button opens a standard Windows browser to select the file.

Single file

Single file

Multiple files

There are two ways of interaction:

  1. After selecting the file, you receive another selection box. Fields can appear one after another, until the end of the limit for adding files.
  2. When you select files, if the user selects several new fields for all selected files are automatically created. Clicking on the x field disappears.

Multiple files


Full list this item opens the idpage.