the Main elementy Sitemap'a.

Menu navigation (Sitemap) — in our view, this is an expandable menu (Burger menu) IC sections. In fact this is a static catalog of all the major components are in accordance with their hierarchy. Simply put, it is both the guide and the table of contents of the website.

There are two menu status - deployed (default for desktop) and minimized (standard, adaptive version). In the collapsed version, will use icons to clearly characterize each section of IP (see Icons):

Navigation menu

Links to pages should be arranged in logical order and in accordance with the page hierarchy, i.e., from sections to categories, from categories to subcategories.

Category and subcategory

In any IP, it was necessary to limit the number of main menu items and divide the list points into groups.

The grouping

Adaptive version with search by category:

Adaptive version search

Criteria for user-friendly navigation sitmap:

  • Simplicity – all the elements of a menu or user interface should be visible and intuitive for any user. Ideally to get to any page or section of the site, the user should need no more than 3 clicks (collapsible sections).
  • Available on any page of the site – a sophisticated navigation elements should be present on each page of the website that the user was able to go from any section in required.
  • Graphic design – navigation elements should be contrasting the background and be different from the main text, but in harmony with the overall design of the resource.