Basic error pages and the rules for creating such forms.

The task of the team is to make the user see an error when working with the System. To do this:

  • If you change address in the service set переадресацию;
  • Limit the possibility of the user without rights: do not show links to the page or make them неактивными;
  • Ensure smooth operation of the service.

The error page for the desktop version as follows:

An error page PGMU

The very form of the error must be in the lightbox (see item Lightbox) and differ from conventional forms of service, to be brief and informative — so the user will understand what went wrong. It should contain the following elements:

  • Заголовок;
  • Text of the error. Need to show short cause of the error, and not technical сведения;
  • Detailed instructions about what you need to do пользователю;
  • Link to the feedback form связи;
  • Cross to close окна;
  • Button primary actions. For each error has its own: go to home, to write in support of, out and go again.

The layout of uniform for the desktop

Form for desktop use

The form layouts of errors for different situations

404, page not found Error on page Service unavailable Access denied

Examples of page layout errors for adaptive and mobile versions:

Adaptive mobile version