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The design of state systems of Russia, the Standard digital state of Russia is a system of principles, styles, components, templates and methods, which are developed by government digital services.

Loop.Gayda – a good set of guidelines for the design of information systems from SKB Kontur. Contains a detailed description of General methods and specific modules to create the user interface.

Meterial.io, Material Design, this Design. The company Google has plenty of resources devoted to the design of their systems by the method of Material Design. This is probably the most high quality and detailed guidelines which can be found.

Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Guides for designing user interfaces for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS.

Microsoft Fluent Design System – design system from Microsoft. There are giggly for the web, Windows, iOS and Android.



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Site navigation

Menu design

Tips for creating good interface

Guidelines for creating menu

Creating forms


Ways to create effective forms to fill in

Entry fields and their validation

Simplification of filling out forms

The development of correct forms Woda

Designing custom forms

The rules of good forms

Just look design Tools Files.