Start and stop the tyres to docker swarms.

Install and run the tyres to Docker

Conditions for running

To start Flexberry Service Bus required to be installed ON a Docker. For global users management Windows has the appropriate version of the Docker for Windows.

PowerShell install script and run the bus

$documentsPath = [Environment]::GetFolderPath('MyDocuments')
$folderName = 'Flexberry Service Bus'
cd $documentsPath
New-Item -ErrorAction Ignore -Path $folderName -ItemType 'directory'
cd $folderName
$client = new-object System.Net.WebClient
$downloadPath = '' 
$client.DownloadFile("$downloadPath/flexberry-service-bus-swarm-configuration.yml", "$pwd\flexberry-service-bus-swarm-configuration.yml")
$client.DownloadFile("$downloadPath/flexberry-service-bus-rabbitmq.yml", "$pwd\flexberry-service-bus-rabbitmq.yml")
$client.DownloadFile("$downloadPath/start-flexberry-service-bus.cmd", "$pwd\start-flexberry-service-bus.cmd")
$client.DownloadFile("$downloadPath/stop flexberry-service-bus.cmd", "$pwd\stop-flexberry-service-bus.cmd")

The script can be download from GitHub. To run the script you need to open PowerShell console. Then you can either write in the console the path to the script (for example D:\userName\NewPlatform.Flexberry.ServiceBus\Docker\getServiceBus.ps1) and run it or just copy the script text to the console and execute. After running the script will download all necessary files to run the tires in the command prompt, run start-flexberry-service-bus.cmd to start and stop-flexberry-service-bus.cmd to stop containers of the tire.

Verify successful startup bus

  • In the PowerShell console, enter “docker ps”, will be given a list of running docker images (among them should be flexberry-service-bus-postgres-db flexberry-service-bus-editor and flexberry-service-bus).
  • The administration application with the default configuration is available at http://localhost:1818. Username and password: admin, admin (during the transition to commercial operation is necessary to change).
  • WCF-bus interface with default configuration: http://localhost:7075/WcfService.
  • REST-bus interface with default configuration: http://localhost:7085/RestService.

Further action bus

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