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  • TFS
  • git
  • Planning of works
  • MSF
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Project management
  • Project
  • and so on.

Agreement about the coding style

To delve into the subject more recommend you to read the book: Infrastructure software projects. Agreement, idioms, and patterns for reusable libraries .NET.

If we talk about the tooling support from Visual Studio, then used for the control of encoding rules used the StyleCop extension in recent versions of Visual Studio, starting with the 2015 version, there is a built-in mechanism, called “rule Sets”. Read more on MSDN:

May resemble there’s also the co-references.

Generally, in the end, each team chooses a finite set of rules, which tries to stick to projects like code style, and structure projects.

JavaScript Open Source projects platform Flexberry has adopted a set of conventions which is published on the our organization page on GitHub: Read more about the coding style in the projects of the platform Flexberry.

The teams that are on GitHub to publish the code on the C# also lay out rules that they adhere to the project can look, there are different options quite a lot. For example, I can see:

For those wishing to get acquainted with good rules of coding in the game form there is a corresponding simulator:

To summarize, we recommend just to read this topic at least in part on those references given above, also you can something for yourself additionally to look, and to accept any agreement on code style and structure that You stick to (with the most frequent guidelines which You will learn). When you start to work in a team - try to work together to select or develop a single style that is accepted by all and everyone will stick with it.



Laboratory work and practical tasks

Variants of tasks for independent performance, and then reviewing on the part of the teacher.

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Option # 3

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Opportunities for certification