Brief description

UML (eng. Unified Modeling Language — unified modeling language) is a language of graphic description for object modeling in the field of software development, modeling business processes, system design and mapping organizational structures.



Laboratory work and practical tasks

Variants of tasks for independent creation of UML diagrams and then reviewing on the part of the teacher.

Option # 1

There are several warehouses. For each stock the famous owner of the name. In each warehouse the goods are stored. The same goods can be stored in different warehouses. Some warehouses may be empty for a while. Known the capacity of each warehouse in MT. Warehouses without owners does not happen. About each product is known by its name, a unique number is the article number.

Goods are imported on vehicles. About every car known for its brand, capacity in tons and surname of the owner. Cars without owners do not exist. There is information on income, showing what machine which product for which the warehouse brings in what quantity (in tons).

Option # 2

Subject area is the institution in which students study different disciplines from different teachers. For every student known name, group, Department, and date of birth. About each teacher known name, Department, work experience and date of birth. About every discipline known title, number of semesters of the study. There are statements in which a specific teacher will give a score (2, 3, 4, 5) students-specific groups discipline. The Institute accepted the situation when the teacher can read how disciplines and discipline can be read by several teachers.

Option # 3

There are a few tables that store a list of books written by a specific author. Each table is stored books by the same author. Known surnames of the authors. Each book you know the title, publisher and number of pages. If the book was written by multiple authors, it is stored in a table of each of the authors.

Option # 4

The airline wants to get the answers to these questions about their aircraft: «How many seats in a Boeing 727?» How many engines? What is the average age of a Boeing 746 in our fleet? Who is the chief mechanic, responsible for maintenance of aircraft number 1388? What company made this plane?»

Option # 5

The city administration N wants answers to the questions: «What is the maximum amount of memory possible from the IBM PC, Macintosh II, Pentium I,II,III? One of the employees there in the office computer? One is a computer with a serial number 4538842? What is its RAM and HDD?»

Option # 6

Student has several objects, each of which known the name, the number of hours of study rooms semesters when I studied the subject. Students have several General notebooks, in which he writes lecture notes. In one notebook can be written notes on different subjects in different notebooks - one subject. About every notebook know her name (the title on the cover (unique)), color covers, the number of lectures on each subject recorded in a notebook.

Option # 7

In the e-shop has information about the warehouse where the goods are stored. On every product know its title, the quantity in stock and the total cost of the goods. Upon receipt of the goods received quantity is added available and their costs summed up. The selling price of goods is determined by dividing the total value of its number.

Conducted a monthly accounting of sales of each product: name, how many sold and at what price. When selling it adjusts the quantity of the item and its cost.

Variant # 8

There is information about employees of a company. The firm consists of several departments, each of which has his boss and several (maybe none) of subordinates. The firm has several couples. The firm made a condition of working in her spouses head can only be a wife. In addition, for every employee a well-known salary that he receives and the total amount of transactions which he made.

Option # 9

The Bank «Partnership honored programmers» opens for clients (individuals and legal entities) current and savings accounts, loans. The current account can be opened for use by multiple clients savings - only one. A client can have multiple current and savings accounts.

Option No. 10

The buffet restaurant has a few cabinets, which are stored in the dining room and tea utensils and appliances. Each the closet has several shelves, on which are arranged different dishes. Each shelf has its own unique for each the wardrobe room. Each Cabinet has a name, a color and a known quantity of shelves. On each shelf may be different utensils and on different shelves may be the same utensils. The dishes known by her name, drawing or coloring it no number of dishes of this type, standing on the shelf.

Option # 11

There is firm that produces a quantity of goods. The firm is divided into departments, each of which controls one supervisor. Each Department has several employees in different departments, different staff. About the firm famous name, address, Bank account. About the employee know his name, date of birth, address, business phone, the children’s names, gender, profession, total cost is made by an employee of goods. About products famous name article, grade, cost, quantity manufactured.

Option # 12

The forest is divided into several parts, which grow different species of trees. In one area can grow several species, including those that are in other areas. About every area known its name, area and number of trees of each species growing here. About each breed known by its name, average height of trees, average diameter and average age.

Option # 13

On the racetrack there are several stables of horses. Each stable known nicknames and the total number of horses in it available, working in her jockeys. On each horse is known to nickname, in which events she attended, under control a jockey and what took place. About the jockey known his name and degree. The jockey can operate in several the stables and to manage multiple horses. The horse is always controlled by only one jockey and is in the same stable.

Option # 14

The school has several classes that have different desks purchased in different countries. In one class can be installed on desks, purchased in different countries. Desks from one country can be set in different classes. Desks, bought in one country can be of different types. About every class is known for its room with many desks what type and what country it is installed. On the Desk is known: its type, country, manufacturer, color, size, year of issue.

Option # 15

Known information about computers of different types are installed in different research institutes. For each computer of known type CPU, RAM and hard drive. For each research Institute is known by its name, the number of employees and installed computers of each type.

Variant # 16

The merchant buys the goods and distributes them to warehouses. This takes into account: product name, purchase price, the number of purchased, the amount on which the warehouse received. The purchased goods are sold retail. In this case fixed quantity sold, sales price, quantity sold, the amount which warehouse the goods sold. Warehouses the goods of one type is fixed once.

Option No. 17

Information system for an online store «Tyres and wheels the world». In store orders for available tires and wheels of various makes and models, when it is issued order, including the date, quantity, item price, name and telephone number of the customer.

Option # 18

Information system for the system administrator. The company has several departments. Each Department has a head. PCs connected to the LAN. The network is operated by multiple servers. It is necessary to organize the consideration of the existing computers in the firm with reference to departments, employees, etc. are also Required to take into account the basic components of computers.