Interaction with the SQL Server, change the connection string, configure connection string

Work Flexberry Desinger SQL Server 2014/2016

Download the SQL Server 2014 Express

About SQL Server Express LocalDB 2016 described in MSDN:

1.Download the version of SQL Server Express LocalDB 2014/2016 (the algorithm is described in the article above).

2.After starting Flexberry Designer you can change the connection string by selecting the menu item НастройкаСменить DB... or in the configuration file by choosing the menu item НастройкаОткрыть configuration file...

3.In the configuration file, which is called CASEBERRY.exe.config change the connection string like the following (the name of the server and database may be different):

Change connection string to SQL server Express or another version:

<add key="CustomizationStrings" value="SERVER=nameComp\SQLEXPRESS;Trusted_connection=yes;DATABASE=CaseLocalDB;"/>
  • nameComp is the name of the local computer or server and IP address of the server where SQL Server is installed.
  • SQLEXPRESS is the name of the installed instance of SQL Server on the computer.

Change connection string to SQL server Express LocalDB 2014/2016:

<add key="CustomizationStrings" value="SERVER=(localdb)\MSSQLLocalDB;Trusted_connection=yes;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|\FlexberryDesigner.mdf;"/>

4.If instead of Russian letters are displayed as question marks, then the relevant databases is necessary as Collation to put Cyrillic_General_CI_AS. How to do this are outlined in the following articles:

Work Flexberry Desinger SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB

If for some reason you are unable to download SQL Server Express LocalDB 2016, you can use the version of 2012.

Connection string example for LоcalDB:

<add key="CustomizationStrings" value="Server=(LocalDB)\v11.0; Integrated Security=true;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|\FlexberryDesigner.mdf;"/>