Features list form

Used on list of forms (property ViewName component ObjectListView, WebObjectListView and Flexberry ObjectListView).


Visibility describes the list of fields that appear on the list (invisible attributes are used, for example, for the formation of a computable fields).

For lists of reference fields audit are not submitted. In list view, data object audit fields rendered visible.

The title should be clear about the whole list. For the properties of the master write the full name in the first place the property of the master, then the name of the master in the genitive (for example: the Applicant.The post – Должность заявителя).

However, this does not always lead to the best result (for example: Airesprovince.Street – street address of residence), in such cases, the applicable reduction (for example: master Адрес проживания, properties master Территория проживания, Улица проживания).

The names of the artisans references references should normally match the name of the directory (for example: Videobite.Name – Вид события)