Placing controls in columns on the model level

The opportunity came at the view level to set speakers to embed controls (#); for this in field “Path” in editovat view we need to specify the value in one of the following formats:

  1. #X
  2. #X(*)
  3. #X(Y*)
  4. #X(Z)

X - integer number колонки; Y - column width in percent (relative), followed by the character ‘*’; Z - column width in pixels (absolute);


  • columns with relative width are stretched automatically when you resize the form in proportion to their ширине;
  • width in percent for the relative column is calculated as follows: Wabs_i = (Wabs_global - SUM(Wabs_j)) / SUM(W*_k) * W*_i
  • a description of the same columns for different attributes must be the same (i.e. it is impossible for one field to write #1(100) and for another #1);
  • record #X #X is equivalent to writing() and is equivalent to writing #X(1);
  • if you specify one column with relative width ( % % , *) and the other with absolute, relative is taken with 100% of the remaining width

Example Nickname path: #1 Delaroderie path: #2(2) Floors path: #2(2) Host path: #1 Pravica path: #3(100)

Build a form with 3 columns, the last width of 100px, the rest of the space is divided by the width in proportion 1:2