Renaming classes, changing roles and assigning storage Association

Editor class diagram in Flexberry Designer has several features:

  • Rename classes To rename the class figure you should click at it with the right mouse button and choose drop-down menu item “Rename”. You will be prompted to enter a new class name. If you change the class name directly in the diagram, it will create a new class with the specified name, and the old one will be deleted. As a consequence, removed all the attributes and views of the old class.
  • The changing role of the Association If you change the role of the Association directly in the diagram (not to bring up edit form Association), you will create a new Association. All the attributes of the old Association will be removed (for example, Storage, Description). If you want to change the role of the Association, keeping all the old attributes, you should click the right mouse button on the Association and choose drop-down menu item “Edit properties” and edit properties of the Association in the window that appears.
  • Automatic prescription Storage Association When adding a new Association, its property Storage prescribed automatically in accordance with a given role if the role is not specified, the prescribed name of the start class.