the Principles of creation and editing editform

Create edit form available through the edit app Structure button «Add the edit form for the».

On the tabs to the right you can edit the form properties and controls that are placed on it.

form Properties

This tab allows you to configure the General settings of the edit form.


Vkladke buttons with which you can add controls to the form, or move or delete them. In addition to controls that will be associated with attributes of data class, on the edit form you can add groups and tabs.

To add a new item in one of two ways:

  • Dobavit new svoystva – in this case, the data class and the view associated with the list form, the system adds a new атрибут;
  • Vibrate of the existing svoystv – in this case a new attribute in the data class is not created, added to only one of the existing attributes of a class in the view associated with the list form.

If adding a new control will be allocated to a group or tab, the new element is automatically added inside the selected item (or tab group). If the selected control, the new control will be added next to it (in one line).

One item can be placed in another (or, in the case of field – to change the place in the row or between rows) use the button to Move the» qmo. To move it should highlight the element you are moving, then click again on the button to Move the» «and click on the desired location on the form. You can also change the order of elements by dragging them with the mouse. The order of the adjacent controls can be changed with the buttons-pointers left and right.

If you select the tab or group and click Remove» qmo, you will be removed as a tab/panel and all controls contained within them. Tabs and groups can also be added to each other randomly.