Features and rules for generating interfaces, properties of interfaces

Flexberry Designer allows the user to describe the interfaces to generate the source code on CLR-compatible language, in particular, C#.

To describe the interface, you must create the diagram UML class with the stereotype interface.


  public interface Интерфейс
    int Свойство
    void Метод();

The properties of the interface

The attributes of a UML class generated definition of the interface public properties. Methods of a UML class generated definition of the interface public methods.



Property Description Generation .Net language
Name Name UML class interface Name
Description a class description DocComment before the interface definition
Packet, NamespacePostfix Allow to set the Assembly and namespace see the Location of assemblies after code generation
PBMembers Allows you to specify whether brace programmer within the class to ручного introduction of class members Not used
PublishToEBSD   If the option is specified before the class is generated by specifying the attribute PublishToEBSDAttribute, which indicates the availability of this interface for use in the chart editor scripts.

Attribute properties


Property | Description | Generation .Net language :—————-|:——————————|:———————————– Name, Type| Virtual property with the same name The type of the property - type attribute, converted from the original according to the map display types | Description | DocComment before property definition

Properties methods event arguments

Properties and generation methods for the interface is performed, as described in the article class Methods and method parameters, except for the fact that is not generated in the body of the method and brackets programmer.

The rules generate classes that inherit from interfaces

  • If the attribute is in the interface, but not explicitly spelled out in the class, it is generated as computable
  • If the attribute is in the interface, but also set in a class, it is normal for the stored attribute.
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