the Concept of the package structure, the name and location of the directory of the generated application

The concept of the package

Package is called a logical grouping of the generated source code builds. After generating the source files, which are packaged, are placed in a separate subdirectory.

Directory structure after code generation as follows

  • The directory specified in “Directory for the source code” stage settings 1
  • Annex 2
  • Annex N
  • Package 1
  • Pack of 2
  • Pack N

If the package name is not specified inside any class, the package name uses the property “product Name” from the settings stage.

Inside each package can contain following source code builds(in separate directories with the specified names):

  • BusinessServers - Assembly classes with stereotypes businessserver;
  • BusinessServersComPlus - Assembly wrapper for accessing a business server via COM for business servers that have a check mark GenerateComPlusServer;
  • BusinessServersHttp - Assembly wrapper to access бизнес-серверуfo_business-server.html using a web service for servers that have a check mark GenerateHTTPRemoteServer;
  • Catchers - for classes with the stereotype eventarg that have a checkmark GenerateCatcher in this Assembly generated classes-interceptors событий;
  • Objects classes with stereotypes: implementation, type, enumeration, eventarg.
  • Scripts - scripts defined diagram technique EBSD.

In addition (in the presence of special generators) can be generated:

If not under classes, falling in the respective category, the source codes are not generated and the directory is not created.


Inside the Assembly defines the namespace. The developer can manage namespaces, which has the following features:

  • each class has a property NamespacePostfix;
  • stage has the property Namespace.

Namespaces are generated as follows (one word is attributed, the point between them is not placed):

<Namespace стадии> + <NamespacePostfix класса>

If NamespacePostfix class is not specified, then only the “".

If is not specified, it is formed as "." from the settings stage. [Read more...](fd_project-customization.html).