Parameters and example FuncIsNull

FuncIsNull function is the same as testing for null in SQL Builder function limitations SQLWhereLanguageDef.

Parameters GetFunction

For FuncIsNull required one parameter - the variable description (Variable Definition), you need to check on null.

Let’s consider an example. Required to deduct all Кредиты, which equals ДатаВыдачи null.

The SQL statement would look as follows:

SELECT * FROM Кредит WHERE ДатаВыдачи is null


Клиент клиент = new Клиент();
SQLWhereLanguageDef langdef = SQLWhereLanguageDef.LanguageDef;
Function lf = langdef.GetFunction(langdef.funcIsNull, new VariableDef(langdef.DateTimeType, Information.ExtractPropertyPath<Клиент>(x => x.ДатаВыдачи)));