Illustration of procedure calls to a business server in different situations

Note that in business server can be caused by the object is updated not through the returned array, and a separate call to service data. In this case, it is necessary to consider that the business server will be called for this object separately.

Aggregator, detaily

If you have the following situation detaylari:

the business server when the update will be triggered in the following order:

  • Classcreator
  • Classical


If you have the following situation with the inheritance:

the business server when the object is updated class Человек will fire in the following order:

  • The creature
  • Animal
  • Mammal
  • People


You can register attribute binding business servers not only in the classroom but also to the interface. In this case, all objects of a descendant class from this interface will be processed according to the business server. If you specify multiple interfaces with business server:

public class Class2:Class3, Interface3

public class Class1:Class2, Interface1, Interface2

the order of triggering is:

  • business server bound to Class3
  • business server bound to Interface3
  • business server tied to Class2
  • business server bound to Interface2
  • business server linked to Interface1
  • business server bound to Class1

Rules for updating a data object

For example, you have the following situation:

If the business server class Товар fixed Фирма-производитель and returned in the method business servers, then the manufacturer will called it a business server. Important to understand that the request for Товара was already generalivan (this was done immediately after the testing of its own business server) and business server Фирмы-производителя change Товар не should - new changes will not be committed to the database.