Features run forms with the use of neranenah classes

Generated Flexberry ORM forms for neranenah classes are useful for selecting certain of the current object, the user authorizations.

To make the class nagraniem, it is necessary when working with class diagram to remove a tick from parameter Stored in its properties (or add the “/” character in front of its name).

In order to suppress the message about the need to preserve the form data, you can override the form’s method OnClosing where to ban the call to the base method.

protected override void OnClosing(CancelEventArgs e)

Launch a modeless form

To run the resulting forms are modeless, you can use manual.

Launch the modal form

To run forms in modal mode, it is possible to connect the Assembly IIS.WinUI to the project, and later in the code to carry through her starting form (example of starting the form presented in the article Setting the current object when you run the app).