the Script open the page to edit from the list

Address edit page is determined by the setting of WebObjectListView.EditPage. Page parameters are sent through the address bar:

The edit page is inherited from BaseEditForm.

When the page loads triggered several virtual methods BaseEditForm that you can override at the edit page:

  • PreLoad() - method is called very first in the method Page_Load().
  • PrepareDataObject - preparation of the site for unloading the page. In this method (BaseEditForm) is proofreading PK object, or deserialize from a POST request (XML). It is not recommended to override this method.
  • PreApplyToControls() - method is called before the “smearing” of the data object at the controls of the page. At the time of calling this method the object is already deducted from the database (or when PostBack’e values are already stored in the object), you can perform some additional manipulation of the object before its value gets to the page.
  • AfterApplyToControl() - method is called after the “smearing” of the data object at the controls of the page. At the time of calling this method, all controls on the page have been updated in accordance with the data object. Also, the method is called after saving the object (see below).
  • PostApplyToControl() - called just for AfterApplyToControls()
  • PostLoad() - the latest is called when the page loads.

Script save the object

Sequence of operation methods pressing Сохранить:

  • javaScript method saveBtnClickHandler (file: ~\shared\script\jquery.icsEditForm.js)
  • Start ASP.NET validators
  • Launch installed application razrabotciki event handlers save
  • Manual sending PostBack’and on the server
  • Server virtual method SaveBtn_Click - handler of clicking the button save BaseEditForm.
  • PreSave() - virtual method that is triggered before the actual preservation of the object. Returns a bool, if the return value false, the object will not go away for safekeeping.
  • SaveObject() - virtual method, which is directly to the preservation of the object. It is not recommended to override this method without calling the base method.
  • PostSaveObject() - virtual method that is triggered after saving the object. At the time of the method call object sent to the database, and therefore, triggered the business server updates this object and all the changes happening to the object in business server now available. Immediately after calling this method, there is a “smearing” of the data object at the controls.
  • AfterApplyToControls() - the method described in the block Сценарий open the edit page with списка.
  • If at the time you call save, the object was new (i.e. it was not in the database), then redirect to the same edit page, but the address bar is added PrimaryKey object.

After you save object SaveObject method on the base form editing (BaseEditForm) method is called [WebBinder -] (fa_web-binder.html) ApplyDataToControls, it for controls that implement ISaveActionCompatible reset flag IsSaveNow, well, all the controls to the appropriate fields of the data object are filled in current values from the object.

If there was an unhandled exception (for example vybrannoi in business server), the execution of the method SaveObject interrupted, and the [WebBinder -] (fa_web-binder.html) ApplyDataToControls not be invoked. The controls will not be reset the flag IsSaveNow is cerejota the fact that graphedit will not deal with the status of strings that match detalam and leave all rows status WGEStatus.None and the client code is not sending groupedit detaily with this status back to the server (it sends only new, edited or deleted), what if after an exception the user has not changed anything in the lines groupedit, and re-sent the form to save, then the data object will not be datalow (they just will not be sent from the client).

To solve this problem, the basic form of the edit catches exception when the object is saved, and in case of their occurrence invokes a method WebBinder-a ApplySavingFlagToSaveActionCompatiblecontrols, which will reset the flag IsSaveNow the controls implementing ISaveActionCompatible, then the basic form edit forwarding exception on. Inside the method SaveObject, it looks like this:

   ds.UpdateObject(ref dObj);
   wb.ApplySavingFlagToSaveActionCompatibleControls(Controls, View, false);

If the application code is not used technology, and applied basic edit form, override the method SaveObject, be sure to have similar code to handle exception when saving the object.


the Script open a page with a list to LookUp

Settings LookUp:

  • LimitFunction - the limitation of the display to open the LookUp page data.
  • LookUpFormURL - address of the page that visaversa LookUp. By default, looks at LookUpForm.

When you open the page on the LookUp is passed the address of the web control from which it was initiated (page and the location of the control). Also passed to the PrimaryKey of the selected object (if it was at the time of opening LookUp’a) to illuminate it on the open page.

the Script you select in the wizard for the LookUp page

When you select any object on the LookUp list page returns the PrimaryKey of the object at the address that is sent when you open a LookUp page.

After returning a value list on a web form, if necessary, populates the fields selected in the wizard.