WebFileControl is located on web forms editing and allows you to upload files to the server. To download the file to the server just select the desired file and click Сохранить(Сохранить and закрыть) on the edit form. There is also the possibility to delete downloaded files by pressing the icon button Очистить have WebFileControl, and after saving the downloaded file will be deleted. All files are saved in a folder that is calculated relative to the root directory of the web application are determined through UploadUrl in the configuration file. Format UploadUrl the following: http://адрес:порт/UploadFolder where UploadFolder содержит a path relative to the root directory of your web application. UploadUrl is the only parameter that needs to be specified in the configuration file, needs to refer to a site folder. Each user has a private directory with the name under which the current logged-in user. After the file is uploaded to a server near WebFileControl the icon appears to the appropriate type files. If you downloaded the picture, it will display the picture itself.

Server control WebFileControl works with the data type WebFile. Thus, by generating ASP.NET application using the plugin ASPNET for WebFile полей classes are generated by the controls WebFileControl.

For use WebFileControl must be installed the current version BaseEditForm (actual installed nuget packages), and you also need to add the required UploadUrl в configuration file of the web application.

You can not use WebFileControl directly in AiaxGroupEdit. You must create a separate master where to place a field of type WebFile. Then AiaxGroupEdit will be selected lucapa the master, and it already will be working with files.