Since technology does not provide for the scenario where any individual column AGE read-only, standard method no.

However, there is a workaround:

  1. To add to detail calculated field.
  2. To determine the function of the calculation field so that it duplicated the column that you want to make read-only.
  3. E-view detail created a calculated field to remove the visibility of the original field.

After the generation of all objects will work.


Suppose that we are given the following detail:

You must Field2 make a field read-only.

First we need to add a calculated field to the class:

Then, configure the view:

  1. Add a calculated field
  2. To remove visibility from the “old” field
  3. To customize the header of computable fields

To regenerate the objects. After regeneration it is necessary to modify getter a calculated field so that it returns the value of the field that should be displayed read-only:

[DataServiceExpression(typeof(ICSSoft.STORMNET.Business.SQLDataService), "Field2")]
public virtual string Field2ReadOnly
        // *** Start programmer edit section *** (Side.Field2ReadOnly Get) 
        return Field2; // Here you specify the field. 
        // *** End programmer edit section *** (Side.Field2ReadOnly Get) 
        // *** Start programmer edit section *** (Side.Field2ReadOnly Set) 

        // *** End programmer edit section *** (Side.Field2ReadOnly Set) 

After this AGE will look like the following: