Uniform changes in the properties of lyapov

Implemented two static delegate:

  1. InitLookUpSettings - Delegate to initialize the settings. Settings you can override in the. aspx forms.
  2. ChangeLookUpSettings - Delegate to change settings, which allows you to bring all lucapa to the uniform mind.

Example, you need to subscribe to in the Global.asax:

BaseMasterEditorLookUp.ChangeLookUpSettings = AllForms.ChangeLookUpSettings;
/// <summary> 
/// Change settings lyapov 
/// </summary> 
/// <param name="lookup">Lookup who are changing the settings</param> 
public static void ChangeLookUpSettings(BaseMasterEditorLookUp lookup)
    lookup.LookUpFormHeight = 640;
    lookup.LookUpFormWidth = 854;
    lookup.ShowInThickBox = true;
    lookup.LookUpFormCaption = "Choose a value";