How prototypical in Flexberry ASP.NET

If the GET-request for the form transmitted, in addition to the primary key of editable object that Prototyping=true, the system understands that you will need to create a new object based on the object with the specified primary key.

features of the implementation

  • The very prototypical is executed when the object is saved using the method of Prototyping.
  • In the original, there is a lock that is removed when you first save the object’s prototype.

WOLV and “basing”

WOLV provides the ability to perform prototypical object. To do this, the appropriate WOLV must include NewByExampleInRow:

public partial class КредитL : BaseListForm<Кредит>
	protected override void Preload()
		WebObjectListView1.Operations.NewByExampleInRow = true;

Each line of the web control will have an additional icon, clicking on which will be done no editing of the selected object, and its prototypical.