ErrorForm - aspx-page that shows an unhandled exception, it is called in Global.asax.

WebErrorBoxRiser - control, which is used to display exceptions.

Display exception

In order to show the beautiful window with the processed exception call the WebErrorBox.Rise(exception, showDetails, errorCaption).


    // Do something unsafe. 
catch (Exception ex)
    WebErrorBoxRiser.Rise(ex, false, "An error occurred while processing the form");

Display ErrorForm

ErrorForm is displayed when an unhandled exception occurs. It shows the incident the exception.

Display WebErrorBoxRiser

When you call the method

WebErrorBoxRiser.Rise(exception, showDetails, errorCaption)

an exception is added to


Then, by ICSSoft.STORMNET.Web.HttpModules.ResponseFilterModule, is called Render have WebErrorBoxRiser that generates the Html and displays the page. To get all the exceptions that were added using the WebErrorBoxRiser you should use

(List<WebErrorBoxRiser>) HttpContext.Current.Items[WebParamController.PageFilter_WebErrorBoxExceptions];

Show dopolnitelnoi information about the exception

To see StackTrace on the page you want to add to web.config in <appSettings>

<add key="ShowErrorDetails" value="true" />