The problem of applying constraints to parameters is necessary to substitute specific values of parameters in the restriction to generate a list of what is happening in the Page_Load WOLV. If you need parameter values WOLV displays a dynamically generated input parameters, after entering the values that the list can be displayed. An additional complication is the fact that before the Page_Load WOLV uncertain, some of its properties (e.g., View).

The flow limitation parameters:

  1. In the Page_Init WOLV to establish whether the current restrictions settings. If so, instead of a list display control WolvParametersInputControl that retrieves a list of parameters, each of which is dynamically generated control to enter the value.
  2. When clicking on the control button WolvParametersInputControl Применить ограничение, parameter values are substituted into the constraint. The list is displayed in a regular way. Entered values are saved in session.

Ecosea implementation does not imply the existence of parameters in the restriction imposed by the programmer.