With this control you can raise a modal window and open the page.


The control can be connected in two ways:

  • positioning on the page
  • add dynamically.


Positioning the control on the page and configure:

<ac:LinkModalPopupWindow ID="myLink" EnableViewState="false" runat="server" URL="homework.aspx" Enabled="true" Text=Link WindowTitle=Homework />

Can this control to add dynamically or even render manually. Or receive using the following function:

LinkModalPopupWindow.GetHtml(this.ClientID + "_lmpw" + j.ToString(), "Read more", "TemaPlanLessonE.aspx?LookUp=true&amp;pk={0}", "Thematic lesson plan", 640, 480, true)

Settings control

Parameters Description
ClientId ID-control
Text link Text
Url Address that you want to open
Enabled Available link
WindowTitle window Title
ATitle Tooltip for link

formatting Settings

Parameters Description  
WindowWidth Width of window  
WindowHeight Height of window -
CssStyle Style links -
CssClass CSS Class links