Web control for displaying objects deployed by groups formed according to the value of the master. Objects without a master are placed in the category Остальное. To display each group uses control ObjecTileView.



Signature Description
protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e) Overload a class method WebControl is called when the download control
protected override void RenderContents(HtmlTextWriter writer) Overload a class method WebControl used for rendering the control when placed on a web form
protected override IEnumerable<SсriptDesсriptor> GetSсriptDesсriptors() Overload a class method SсriptControl. Method to retrieve the handles of the scripts used control
protected override IEnumerable<SсriptReference> GetSсriptReferences() Overload a class method SсriptControl. Method for obtaining of links to scripting resources used by the control.
public static string GetMarkup(string guid, int pageNum) Static method that returns a string with the markup for the page you want. It calls the web service MasterExpanderService when processing ajax requests. Settings are taken from the session on guid
public static string GetTileViewMarkup(string guid, int index) Static method that returns a string with markup specific ObjectTileView. It calls the web service MasterExpanderService when processing ajax requests expand a category. Settings are taken from the session on guid’. Inside the method the instance ObjectTileView’s receipt markup


Properties which names match the properties of the ObjecTileView are simply passed to a specific instance of this control when it is created, about which you can read the article ObjectTileView. The value TilesPerPage will be recorded in ItemsPerPage each ObjectTileView. The other properties listed below:

Name Type Description
MastersPerPage uint the Number of categories on one page MasterExpander
MasterName string the name of the attribute objects stores master used to group
MasterAttributeName string the name of the attribute masters, which is separation. If, for example, to group objects by topic name, then MasterName will be equal to Тема and MasterAttributeName - Название
SectionHeaderUserContentGenerator ICSSoft.STORMNET.Web.AjaxControls.<br>MasterExpanderUserContentDelegate is Used to specify a function that will generate the custom content in the headers of each category. Read more about the delegate type MasterExpanderUserContentDelegate written below.


    public delegate string MasterExpanderUserContentDelegate<in TData>(
        MasterExpander.MasterExpanderSettings settings,
        TData data);

The delegate that will be used for the transmission of user-defined functions generating content in the control MasterExpander. As parameters the function should accept the settings MasterExpander (type MasterExpander.MasterExpanderSettings) and any data that depends on the context of use. The following is an example implementation of the function to add markup to the title of the category MasterExpander, where the “data” is the index categories, respectively, TData specified in int.

protected static string GenerateSectionHeaderContent(
    MasterExpander.MasterExpanderSettings settings,
    int index)
    return string.Format("<p>Category # {0} of {1}</p>", index, 


To enable the web service MasterExpanderService.asmx you must add the entry in Web.config:


        <add verb="*" path="MasterExpanderService.asmx" 
        validate="false" type="AjaxControls.MasterExpanderHandlerFactory" />

For IIS7

        <add name="MasterExpanderHandler" path="MasterExpanderService.asmx"
        verb="*" type="AjaxControls.MasterExpanderHandlerFactory" 
        resourceType="Unspecified" preCondition="integratedMode" />

Kind of control


To change the control, you can override the CSS attributes for the classes:

  • The outer div control: div.me-masterName-expander
  • The title of the category: div.me-section-header
  • The unfolding of div (containing ObjectTileView): div.me-expandable
  • The selection page: div.me-page-select-area
  • Select button page: a.me-page-button
  • Button is selected page: a.me-selected-page-button
  • Properties for ObjectTileView can also be viewed in the appropriate article ObjectTileView.