In the Expanded constraint editor](fa_advanced-limit-editor.html) available to work with parameters.

Localization parameter types

The types of the parameters in the constraint editor localized:

Type Russian version English version
System.SByte Integer (sbyte) Integer (sbyte)
System.Byte Integer (byte) Integer (byte)
System.Int16 Integer (short) Integer (short)
System.Int32 Integer Integer
System.UInt32 Integer (uint) Integer (uint)
System.Int64 Integer (long) Integer (long)
System.UInt64 Integer (ulong) Integer (ulong)
System.Char Character Character
System.String Line Stroke
System.Single Fractional number (float) Fraction (float)
System.Double floating point number (double) Fraction (double)
System.Decimal fraction Fraction
System.Boolean Boolean Logic
System.DateTime date and time Date and time
System.Enum Enumeration Enumeration

If it is a Nullable-type the default system type, then the localized value is added to the end of “empty”.