Class FilterPageContentConnector used for technological connection of scripts and styles that are necessary for the operation of the controls and the runtime environment by using post-processing of the page layout. The scripts are included at the end of the tag <body>, styles - at the end of the tag <head>. Is an alternative method of connection resources PlaceholderPageContentConnector.

working Principle

Before sending the generated HTML markup the user is post-processing page

  1. determines the position for inserting data (end tag <head> for styles and the end tag <body> for scripts and other specials. компонентов;
  2. the position of the inserted extra HTML markup to connect ресурсов;
  3. the corrected data is sent to the user.


To connect resources, based on the filters you want to configure unity (web.config):

<register type="NewPlatform.Flexberry.Web.Http.IPageContentConnector, NewPlatform.Flexberry.Web.Http"
          mapTo="NewPlatform.Flexberry.Web.Http.FilterPageContentConnector, NewPlatform.Flexberry.Web.Http" />