MsDropDown is web control, which allows you to view the list in a drop-down list (similar MasterEditorAjaxDropDown) with the icons for list items.

Below shows an example of displaying this control on web form.

Public properties MsDropDown

Property Description
Items List items
SelectedItem Selected element
ReadOnly the Flag responsible for allow/disallow manipulation of control

MsDropDownItem and its properties

Each Item (list item) is an instance of the class MsDropDownItem.

Property Description
Text Main text by which to identify the object in display list
ImagePath Path to the picture you want to display next to the text
Description Description, alternate text, which will be located near the main


The connection is possible using a page layout content list is available only manually in the code. To do this in the markup of the page .aspx we need to add the appropriate control:

<ac:MsDropDown ID="<ID of control>" ReadOnly="<False/True>" runat="server"/>


Use MsDropDown (as MasterEditorAjaxDropDown) appropriate when it is known beforehand that the number of craftsmen small and there is no need to select them to raise a separate form of choice.

Sample code

To get the list shown in the picture above, you should do the following:

Code .aspx page:

<div class="clearfix">
    <asp:Label CssClass="descLbl" ID="ctrlTestMsDropDownLabel" runat="server" Text=List EnableViewState="False">
    <ac:MsDropDown ID="ctrlTestMsDropDown" ReadOnly="False" runat="server"/>

Creating a list of elements:

/// <summary> 
/// Creating a list of elements of <see cref="MsDropDown"/> when loading the control. 
/// </summary> 
/// <param name="e">event Parameters.</param> 
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Create list items programmatically. 
    // Text - the primary text by which to identify the object in the display list. 
    // ImagePath is the path to the picture you want to display next to the text. 
    // Description - additional text that will be located next to the main. 
    var item1 = new MsDropDownItem();
    item1.Text = "First";
    item1.ImagePath = "/Images/cat.png";
    item1.Description = "List element";

    var item2 = new MsDropDownItem();
    item2.Text = "Second";
    item2.ImagePath = "/Images/dog.png";
    item2.Description = "List element";

    var item3 = new MsDropDownItem();
    item3.Text = "Third";
    item3.ImagePath = "/Images/pig.png";
    item3.Description = "List element";

    // Add created elements to the control.