To manipulate WOLV on the client side, use JS WOLV API, which is a jQuery plugin (icsWolv).


Name Parameters Description
chooseDataObject PrimaryKey object Generate a click on the string object passed to this method.
refresh No refresh the contents of WOLV.
scroll scroll the screen to WOLV.  
scrollToObject PrimaryKey object Scroll to the selected object.
resetSort No Method to reset a custom sort WOLV.
sort append - add sort or re-install
colNum is the column number to sort by column WOLV. The sequence of shift parameters: None -> ASC -> DESC -> None.
Flags WOLV    
getSelectedItems No Get the IDs of all selected items on all pages. “If you selected all items on all pages (using the appropriate button, not manual selection), then come “‘an empty array”‘”.
getSelectedAllObjectsValue No Allows to know whether the allocated all objects on all pages. Returns boolean.
selectAllObjects No Mark all objects on all pages.
unselectAllObjects No deselect all objects on all pages.
selectObjectsOnCurrentPage No Mark all objects on the current page.
unselectObjectsOnCurrentPage No deselect all objects on the current page.

Example usage:

// Update the contents of WOLV. 

Generation click on the row:

$('#LookUpFormWOLV').icsWolv('chooseDataObject', '{4c6bf554-41d5-4cc6-b526-21bed9867a5a}');


Name Parameters Description
deleting.wolv selectAll - flag “prominence” of all objects on all страницах;
selectedItems - list of primary keys of selected objects данных;
Delete item (s) list.
editformclose.wolv objectKey - the primary key of the object that is edited on this форме; close the form editing.
refreshing.wolv - Update list.
rowclick.wolv pk - the primary key of the object corresponding to the row in which the clicked пользователь; Click on the row of the list.
showaddingpage.wolv addingUrl - the URL of the creation form объекта; display the page create a new data object.
showeditingpage.wolv pk is the primary key editable объекта;
editingUrl - the URL of the page редактирования;
edit page Displays object data.
showprototypingpage.wolv pk - primary key prototyperaptor объекта;
prototypingUrl - the URL of the page прототипирования;
Display forms of prototyping.
showviewingpage.wolv pk is the primary key of the viewing объекта;
viewingUrl - the URL of the page просмотра;
Display the view page of the data object.

Example usage:

$('.ics-wolv').on('showeditingpage.wolv', function() {
    alert('Была отображена форма редактирования объекта.');

Click on the line (rowclick.wolv)

When using events rowclick.wolv you can get PrimaryKey object, the line which was made click:

$('.ics-wolv').on('rowclick.wolv', function(e, d) { 
     alert('primaryKey: ' +;

Client processing the upgrade list

// Subscribe to event updates from WOLV. 
// Event work when the user clicks the Refresh button on the panel WOLV. 
// The event also works when calling JS API method $('#wolvid').icsWolv('refresh'); 
$('.ics-wolv').on('refreshing.wolv', function(e) { 
    // Cancel update WOLV. 
    // Here you can describe your logic updates. 
    alert('Список не был обновлен');

Client removal treatment

There is a possibility to subscribe to events before deleting items and, if necessary, cancel it.

The handler receives two arguments: the event object and data. The object data field contains data flag selectAll, if it is false, also is passed an array of primary keys of selected objects selectedItems.

Example usage:

$('#wolvid').on('deleting.wolv', function(e, eventData) { 
        alert('Выделены все объекты на всех страницах');
        alert(; // Output a dedicated PC. 
    alert('Удаление отменено');
    return false; 

Client processing close the popup edit form

By default, when you close the edit form open in a popup window, updates a list form with which the form was opened edit. You have the option to cancel this action, similar to deletion. You need to sign WOLV of the editing form (or WOLV whose id is specified in the parameter WolvId to it), editformclose.wolv. Passed to the handler in the event object will contain the field objectKey that stores the primary key of the object that is opened in a closed form. To cancel the default action by using return false; or e.preventDefault();.


$('#wolvid').on('editformclose.wolv', function (e) {
    alert('Закрывается форма редактирования объекта с ключом ' + e.objectKey);
    alert('Обновления списковой формы не будет');
    return false;