DataPicker web - control for selecting a date and time.

The most interesting properties

  • public DataPickerDisplayMode DisplayMode { get; set; } - Show block select the date by clicking on the button next to the field, when focusing control, or both. Default OnButtonClicked.

  • public bool OnlyDate { get; set; } - whether to Use the format without time (only date). Defaults to true

  • public string YearRange { get; set; } - Defines the range of years that will appear in the drop-down list to select a year. This property can be set relative to the current year format nn: nn, or with respect to the displayed calendar year, in the format c-nn: c nn, or a specific date range: nnnn:nnnn. These options can be combined: nnnn nn. Except in this property, restrictions on the date range in the drop-down list of dates will affect the specified maximum and minimum date (properties minDate and maxDate). The default value of c-10:c 10.

  • public string BeforeShowFunctionName { get; set; } - the Name of js function running before showing the control.

Example of setting properties

Properties better to ask in the method PostApplyToControls().

In the following example, the control sets the range of years available for input:

protected override void PostApplyToControls()
    ctrlOnlyDate.YearRange = "2001:2002";

In this example, control set minute step:

protected override void PostApplyToControls()
    ctrlStepMinute.OnlyDate = false;
    ctrlStepMinute.StepMinute = 10; 

Setting the date format

To configure the output date format, you must set the property DateFormat (and TimeFormat if you want to set the time format). The chosen format will be used:

  • When displaying information on the screen.
  • When validating the data.
  • When saving data to the database.

Display settings in AGE

The easiest way to display a DatePicker for all AjaxGroupEdit’Ah application to create the method producing the needed actions on an instance of a web control (which is passed to it as parameters), and assign it a static property InitSettings class DatePicker. Read more.

The overriding picture of the advent calendar

To override the image that serves as the button for the appearance/hiding the calendar, you need to override a CSS class .ui-datepicker-trigger.


To manipulate the DatePicker on the client side, use JS DatePicker API, which is a jQuery plugin (icsDatePicker).

Example usage:

$(document).ready(function () {
    $('#getValBtn').bind('click', function () {
        // get the value 
        var vl = $('#<%=ctrlДеньРождения.ClientID%>').icsDatePicker('val');
    $('#setValBtn').bind('click', function () {
        // set the value 
        $('#<%=ctrlДеньРождения.ClientID%>').icsDatePicker('val', '01.01.2010');
    $('#clearValBtn').bind('click', function () {
        // clear the value 
        $('#<%=ctrlДеньРождения.ClientID%>').icsDatePicker('val', '');