Control is used to display objects that are DataObject, according to a given representation, in the form of tiles on a web page. The default is to cast the attribute values to string, to change this you need to use a property AttributeRenderers. Implements interfaces IObjectTile, IHavingResources.



Signature Description
protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e) Overload a class method WebControl is called when the download control
protected override void RenderContents(HtmlTextWriter writer) Overload a class method WebControl used for rendering the control when placing it directly on the web form
public string GetMarkup() interface Implementation IObjectTile. Method to retrieve the html markup of the control as a string, used when you need to work directly with the markup


Name Type Description
View ICSSoft.STORMNET.View interface Implementation IObjectTile. Used to set or retrieve the view according to which objects are displayed
DataObject ICSSoft.STORMNET.DataObject interface Implementation IObjectTile. Used to set or retrieve a data object that is displayed according to the tile
AttributeRenderers Dictionary<string, AjaxControls.AttributeRenderer> Used to customize the display of individual attributes
Styles IEnumerable&#60string&zgl62 interface Implementation IHavingResources. Use to retrieve collections related to control of resources (CSS). But when you call a method OnLoad resources are automatically added to the page


AttributeRenderers - property that allows to change the display of individual object attributes by using user-defined functions. It is a dictionary with keys of type string (attribute name) and values of type AttributeRenderer (user-defined function that takes and returns object string). The returned string should contain html markup that will be displayed instead of just cast the attribute value to the string. AttributeRenderer - delegate declared in AjaxControls:

public delegate string AttributeRenderer(object attribute);

Example of initializing

//tempCat - an instance of the class Cat 
ObjectTile tile = new ObjectTile();
tile.View = Information.GetView("КошкаL", typeof(Кошка));
tile.DataObject = tempCat;

tile.AttributeRenderers = new Dictionary<string, AttributeRenderer>();
tile.AttributeRenderers.Add("Nickname", delegate (object val)
                                          return string.Format("<b>{0}</b>", val);

Kind of control