Lists allow you to sort the contained objects in specific columns. The user can set the necessary sorting. Also sorting the list can be customized from the code.

Sorting lists WOLV

Sort columns WebObjectListView by specifying properties .InitialColumnsSort type ICSSoft.STORMNET.Business.ColumnsSortDef[].


wolv.InitialColumnsSort = new ColumnsSortDef[] 
    new ColumnsSortDef("Name", SortOrder.Asc),
    new ColumnsSortDef("Registration", SortOrder.Asc),

Here ColumnsSortDef the constructor takes 2 parameters: the name of the column string and method of sorting type ICSSoft.STORMNET.Business.SortOrder (Asc, Desc, None).

The sort priority determines the order of elements in the array ColumnsSortDef.

Access to current sorting settings in the heirs

Current settings WebObjectListView consist of imposed by the developer through a public instance property InitialColumnsSort settings made by the user via the interface WebObjectListView.

To access the aggregated current sorting settings through a protected virtual property ActualColumnSort in descendant classes.