Algorithm add objects to AGE at form initialization

AjaxGroupEdit edits already read detaily artisan object (he AGE in DB reads nothing). Therefore, if you want when you create a new object add him detaily, then you need an editable object, just add detaily.


An example of the edit object “Cat” detaylari “paw”:

/// <summary> 
/// It is best to write the business logic, operating only with the data object 
/// </summary> 
protected override void PreApplyToControls()
    if (!IsPostBack && (DataObject == null || DataObject.GetStatus(true) == ObjectStatus.Created))
        var cat = new Кошка();
        var foots = new DetailArrayOfЛапа(cat)
                new Лапа { Размер = 10 }, 
                new Лапа { Размер = 11 }
        cat.Лапа = foots;

        DataObject = cat;

If you want to add objects, but not to save the database, if the user has not changed, you will need to add, but with the status Unaltered.