WOLV provides the ability to select multiple items to perform on them some action (e.g. delete).

Select object by clicking left mouse button on the checkbox in the row.

Also for the convenience of working with a variety of objects added two buttons:

  • Отметить все
  • Отметить all in all страницах

Mark all

This option selects all objects on the current page. Pressing again deselects all objects on the page.

Mark all on all pages

This option selects all objects on all pages and blocks the possibility of manual selection.

Behavior of selected objects

After filtering, the selected objects retain their selection.

For example, if the list contains 3 objects: Саша Masha Вася, the user has selected the objects Саша and Вася, and then used the search mask *аша, then the list will display 2 objects: Саша Маша, this will select only 1 object Саша.

Also, the selection is preserved when changing the page displayed objects and when you change the number displayed on the page objects.

However, a Search for WOLV’y resets the selected objects. Before you reset the user asks a clarification question.


For the manipulation of flags on the client side you can use JS API.