Connection to the audit subsystem with the full mistake of the draft

Article on “connection Example of the audit to the existing Web application using regeneration project”.

Connection to the audit subsystem without a full regeneration project

Connection algorithm

  1. To regenerate the objects
  2. To amend web.config
  3. Add the initialization of the audit Global.asax.cs
  4. To connect the missing Assembly

the Mistake of objects

The mistake of the objects is necessary because the audit settings are stored in the classroom (more information in the Audit for Web applications.

Changes in the Web.config

In block Configuration - appSettings need to add the following lines:

<add key="AuditEnabled" value="True" />
<add key="WriteSessions" value="False" />
<add key="AuditWinServiceUrl" value="" />
<add key="DefaultDSType" value="ICSSoft.STORMNET.Business.MSSQLDataService, ICSSoft.STORMNET.Business.MSSQLDataService" />
<add key="DefaultWriteMode" value="Synchronous" />
<add key="IsAuditDatabaseLocal" value="True" />


<add key="AppNameForAudit" value="..." />
<add key="AuditConnectionStringName" value="..." />

… instead of putting the required values of the service names and connection strings to the database audit.

Initialize audit Global.asax.cs

In the file Global.asax.cs you need to add:

using ICSSoft.STORMNET.Business.Audit; 
// ... 

protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Initialize audit service 
    // ... 

Necessary for the Assembly

  • ICSSoft.STORMNET.Tools.dll
  • ICSSoft.STORMNET.Business.dll
  • ICSSoft.STORMNET.Business.Audit.dll
  • Security (build objects)
  • CheckingLibrary.dll
  • ICSSoft.STORMNET.DataObject.dll
  • LogService